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Objective / Description

The aim is to raise public awareness for the fact that for older people, physical activity is essential to stay independent, to participate in public life and to maintain quality of life. Besides, measures to create an environment that inspires physical activity are to be advertised and various risk factors for falling have to be pointed out. These contents should be transported in form of newspaper and magazine articles, as well as via radio broadcasts.


  • Approach local press representatives, presentation of the project's objectives and planned activities. Consideration which topics are of interest for the press and how these could be edited.
  • Collection / provision of specialized information, initiating contact to potential interview partners, identification of older citizens as interview partners
  • Compiling of a press distribution list
  • Organization of a press conference for special events (e.g. Senior Sports Day)

Stakeholders and their tasks

  • Project employees: initial contact to press representatives, creating text material, preparatory work for editors, determining suitable interview partners (experts as well as seniors)
  • Local press editors: creating/finishing text material
  • Local experts (e.g. therapist, doctors, trainers) and older citizens as interview partners


  • Images

Expenses / Time

  • Expenses for image rights: 10-40 €/image


11 articles in local newspaper, 10 articles in magazines/other newspapers and 11 radio broadcasts.

  • Report/interview with project employee about the project's contents and objectives
  • Importance of physical activity in older age
  • Strength and balance training
  • Risk factors for falling
  • Home hazard reduction
  • Safe travelling by bus
  • Physical activity with computer games
  • Otago exercise program
  • Report about the Senior Sports Day
  • Report about the participation of older people in an annual local charity run
  • Advertisement for the web based overview of local exercise classes
  • Advertisement for further education and training
  • Interview with project employee and a local doctor on the topic "stay safe during winter time"
  • Escort of an older lady to a medical supply store: "Proper Handling of Assistive Devices"
  • Visiting an exercise class
  • Conversation with two older people about physical activity
  • Report/interview about a telephone survey on physical activity in the project area

Newspaper article "Otago exercise program"

Newspaper article "Tripping hazards at home"

Experiences / Advice

  • Articles in local newspapers seem to be the best way to promote current events. Theoretical knowledge, like e.g. the importance of physical activity, or risk factors for falls can be addressed here, as well as targeted advertising for local activities. Contents of solely theoretical nature are hardly accepted. These should be placed e.g. within special supplements for older people or certain radio stations that aim specifically at an older target group.
  • It is advisable to embed according contents about physical activity and fall prevention into medial structures that already exist. There already exist special supplements for older people in newspapers, magazines and radio stations/broadcasts. These editors often are very thankful for well prepared and researched topics.
  • Interview partners from the target group itself are always highly suitable; although these are not easy to find. Cooperation with local institutions and organizations can be the solution for this problem. The search for suitable seniors should be begun as soon as possible.
  • Additional images for articles in print media are highly desirable. Image rights always have to be maintained, not only in terms of purchased image material, but also of the pictures photographed by the project employees themselves at various events.