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Objective / Description

The objective is to raise public awareness about physical activity in older people and how physical activity preserves participation and quality of life. At the same time, possibilities for an activity friendly environment and fall risk factors are displayed and actual local activities (those from the project, too) are advertised. The contents and messages mentioned are brought to the target group via lectures.

Furthermore, the project and its contents are planned to be published on a professional level so that local operators feel comfortable.


  • Project employees were able to accomplish direct requests for lectures (due to the contact to the project's partners). For various other events, which were received as helpful, the participation was initiated by the project employees themselves
  • Creating a basic stock of PowerPoint presentations. Compiling various presentations, depending on target groups and addressed topics.

Stakeholders and their tasks

  • Project employees: creating and presenting the lectures
  • Local participants: requesting and inviting for lectures, organization of venues, plus advertising and invitation to participants


  • Images (usage of already acquired and used images)
  • Information brochures for distribution (Schritt halten journal, flyer of the webpage)
  • Exhibits (e.g. hip protectors, ice claws for shoes, tongs, weight collars for exercising)

Expenses / Time

Expenses for image rights: 10 - 40 €/image


13 lectures:

  • General assembly of members of an outpatient nursing service's aid association (1)
  • Afternoons for seniors in parish communities (2)
  • Series of lectures for the municipality volunteers (3)
  • Local conference on nursing (3)
  • Local network for housing counseling (1)
  • Conference of the geriatric department of the district hospital (2)
  • Local medical council (1)

Covered topics:

  • Importance of physical activity in old age
  • Strength and balance exercises
  • Risk factors of falling
  • Reduction of home hazards
  • Proper usage of assistive devices and hip protectors
  • Staying safe on the bus
  • Staying safe during spring-cleaning
  • Otago-Exercise Program
  • Information about local exercise classes
  • Project's contents and objectives

Experiences / Advice

  • Lectures at events that are explicitly organized for seniors are a perfect fit to address the target group. The personal touch of a non public event and the direct contact make it possible to react on the listeners' questions and to reinforce/emphasize the lecture's content.
  • If a lecture is held for local experts, the contents should be not solely of a general nature, but also contain specialized information, depending on the profession and its challenges. It is advisable to emphasis emerging benefits to motivate local parties for cooperation.
  • The organization of lectures provides the possibility to create networks and offers a great forum for interactions between participants.
  • Events like these are not solely to pass on information, but also to advertise various activities that are planned within the project. Furthermore, the listeners' feedback can be given directly.