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Objective / Description

With the help of a Senior Sports Day, physical activity in old age is aimed at making the issue a matter of public interest. Further, this will raise public awareness of the importance of physical activity in older people to maintain quality of life and community connectedness. On the day, exercise classes are presented by local sports clubs' groups, churches or volunteer groups, public educational institutions or the German Red Cross.

  • Main program: participation offers and information stands;
  • Supporting program: welcoming speech, seniors tap dancing group act, conversation with Johanna Quaas - the oldest competing gymnast still in the world, plus a lecture.


  • Steering committee vote on whether the event should take place
  • Invitation sent to all known providers of exercise classes for older people to attend a planning meeting
  • Establish an organization team (see participants)
  • Organization of adequate premises: parish rooms and adjoining premises of the community college
  • Letter to all exercise classes, containing the request for the registration of a participation offer, information stand, issuing of an information poster or display of informational material
  • Program planning
  • Advertisement in local print media (6 articles, announcing the day of action, 2 post-event reports), event announcement on the city's web page, as well as advertising posters on buildings, busses and streets
  • Press conference


Stakeholders and their tasks

  • Organization team: project employees, German Red Cross, community college, largest local sports club, municipality's department for older people
  • Local providers of exercise classes for older people: participation offers at Open Day to present exercise classes, information stands and posters
  • Local foundation: financial support


  • Image material of high quality and resolution (e.g. from Fotolia.de)
  • Program flyer
  • Advertising poster

Expenses / Time

Start of planning: approx. 1 year in advance

  • Rent for premises (parish rooms): 400 €
  • Program expenses: approx. 1300 € (traveling and overnight accommodation expenses and allowances)
  • Medical care: 220 €
  • GEMA fees: approx. 110 €
  • Posters/flyer: in total approx. 1400 € for image rights, graphics, print and street posters (250 posters in A1 format, 75 in A2). Additionally, 300 posters in A3 format and 9000 program flyer were printed by a local sponsor.


Registration of 28 participation offers and 12 information stands.

Experiences / Advice

The Senior Sports Day drew a lot of attention from the community, local organizations and participants, as well as the press. The efforts were received positively. Throughout the whole event, a high number of visitors were present at all times.

  • An organization team was founded consisting of members of large local businesses who are providers of exercise classes. This has been proven helpful.
  • The event was aimed at, and prepared for older people, which was highly valued. Participants noted the importance of being part of a group of people of the same age in sports and physical activity.
  • Rehabilitation sports and the issue of physical activity for people with physical limitations and pre-existing conditions were of great interest. Here, the possibility to talk to the trainers directly was essential.
  • Due to the strong demand and positive overall results, the participants are planning to carry out a similar day in the future.