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Objective / Description

Distribution of vouchers to test various exercise classes without any commitment. In this way, older people can take the opportunity to try out new exercise classes and to get to know new forms of physical activity.


  • Designing of the vouchers during the preparation of the 'senior sports day'.
  • Distribution during the 'senior sports day' by the trainers themselves (following a trial lesson) or after a consultation at the information desks.

Stakeholders and their tasks

  • Project employees: Designing of the vouchers
  • Local sponsor: Printing
  • Providers of exercise classes that participate on the senior sports day: Distribution of vouchers

Expenses / Time

  • Sponsored and printed by local sponsor


You can download the voucher here.

Experiences / Advice

  • The actual number of visitors of the senior sports day that have used the voucher cannot be estimated at the moment.
  • The distribution during the senior sports day has proved itself favorable. It was possible to establish a direct contact between the participants and the exercise instructors. This method seems to be more lasting and promising than the sheer display of vouchers.
  • It is possible that participants of exercise classes give vouchers to friends and acquaintances. Advertisement from within the peer groups seems to be more promising than from the outside. Thus, every exercise instructor has the possibility to promote his/her class outside the framework of a big event.